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"JaJa Richards has been a volunteer coach and mentor for youths, teens, and young adults at the Meadow Woods Recreation Center...He always conducted himself in a professional manner. He is a great role model and mentor for the young peole in our community. He has a great attitude and work ethics. He is an asset to us at the Meadow Woods Park. Our Magic program is better because of his input and expertise. JaJa Richards is a person of high integrity."

- Stephanie Clark

Site Supervisor

Meadow Woods Park

JaJa Richards "is a man of high moral character that delivers on his promise. He's Well organized and can lead a team of players. I recommend JaJa Richards as a person devoted to the youth in our society

- Carlos Alamilla

Director Miami All Stars


Mr. JaJa Richards,  conducted a week long basketball coaching camp for our students in December 2014 at our school campus in Rajkot, India.

The objective of the camp was to provide advanced level coaching to our school’s basketball teams and give an impetus to other enthusiastic sportspersons. A total of 66 students had the privileged to train under Coach Richards.

We would like to highlight the professional approach adopted by the coach during the training sessions where he provided hands on teaching to each student, challenging them to push their limits to the furthest. Each and every session was designed with great attention to detail and executed to lead to a desired outcome. His philosophy and practice preparation separate him from most coaches. He stresses fundamentals and learning how to play the game the “right way”.

Mr. Richards’ work ethics and extensive knowledge of the game proved extremely helpful for the students as he not only delivered lessons of the game but also lessons of life. He is a tough, but fair, and every player had fun during the camp. 

Our school’s head basketball coach, Mr. Babu Kunju was delighted to work with a fellow professional and has incorporated many of the drills into his daily lesson plans. Mr. Richards played an integral part in the entire project and the school is extremely grateful for his services.

Any school or program wishing to work with a true professional would be fortunate to have Coach Richards

- Brijesh Acharya

Head of Sports Dept

S.N. Kansagra School

The Galaxy Education System

"I have had the pleasure of working with JaJa at my company where he was the director of basketball operations. He is organized, efficient, and willing to do whatever is needed to get a particular task finished.  JaJa was a vital asset to our company..."

- Derek Molis

Owner/Founder TAW

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